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Hola! I'm Silvia and I love great leather shoes. Good shoes are very important but especially so on those first years of our little ones' lives.

I have been wearing menorcan sandals since I was a baby (I am Spanish!) and I wanted my kids to wear them too. They are handmade, supportive, lightweight, comfortable and they look so cool.

Our avarcas (that's another way to call our sandals) are incredibly comfortable, and have the stamp of quality from the Council of Menorca, and the Avarca of Menorca certification - don't be fooled by imitations (sadly, there are a few around).

We offer leather and vegan options. That's right, we do have some of our sandals made in artificial leather and we were the first business in the world to sell vegan menorcan sandals and we also are the only ones in Australia.

Our business started as an idea one late afternoon in October 2016, and it still took two to three months to find the best manufacturer in Menorca (that's PONS), craft our first order and get the sandals over to Australia.

Paul (my husband) and I run the business - there's no one else. This is a purely family business. Our daughters, Maya is now 7 and Lola is 4 years old, keep us very busy - active little ones; we know the importance of good shoes - they are running and jumping all day long.
We have a bilingual house in both English/Spanish (and our struggles with that as it's not easy!) and we go to back to Spain once a year to see the family.

We don't believe good sandals need to cost the earth, so we are keeping the prices as low as we can so you can enjoy them. 

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Information on our sandals

Our sandals are handmade in Spain, using cow leather throughout the whole shoe (upper and bottom, as well as ankle straps). They are made with the softest leather so you (or little ones) can use them straight away without any need to 'wear them in' - you will see no blisters or skin rubs. I've tried and tested this thoroughly on my own kids.

They are supportive, and have light flexible yet very durable soles. Your kids will outgrow them before the sandals look too worn, as our sandals age really well and it's practically impossible to wear the soles out.

The sandals (both women and kids) are gorgeous and any photos that we use don't give them enough credit. They will arrive wrapped up in our Menorca Sandals tissue paper, packed in their own little box and sealed with the "warranty of quality" straight from Menorca. Just like little 'chocolates' :).

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Our provider

We provide sandals in collaboration with one of the best manufacturers in Spain (Avarca Pons).
Crafting sandals since 1945, the PONS team know how to make the best shoes and they also know that they can't compromise in quality so that's why they use the best leather, sole materials and a great finish.

Plus it's not just us saying this, they are fully certified by the island Council of Quality (Menorca) which means that:

  • The leather has to be of a minimum thickness and length, to guarantee durability and support.
  • The soles, usually made of recycled materials, have to include a minimum resistance and flexibility.
  • The heel strap and sewing of the shoes also have to meet minimum requirements for durability.

You can read more about it in the Avarca of Menorca website.

Certification Menorca Sandals

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Just say hola! Please send us an email to contact@menorcasandals.com.au