Our story

Hola! Welcome! I'm Silvia and I love great shoes.

Good shoes have the power to make your day a great one (and we all know what bad shoes can do to your day too, ouch!).

I have been wearing menorcan sandals since I was a baby (I am Spanish!) and I wanted my kids to wear them too. They are handmade, supportive, lightweight, comfortable and they look so great.

I couldn't find the great Spanish avarca brand that I have known to trust here in Australia - so I decided to create our brand Menorca Sandals in early 2017, and we have been selling Avarca PONS since then.

In the photo above, there's Paul (my husband), Maya (my eldest) and Lola (my little one).

We have a bilingual house in both English/Spanish (and our struggles with that as it's not easy!) and we go to back to Spain once a year to see the family.

Paul (my husband) and I run the business - there's no one else - from photography to social media, packing orders and creative design. We can keep the prices low and affordable for you this way. 

Our Menorca

Paul and I have a special bond with Menorca.
Not only I am Spanish, but we actually got married in Menorca after Paul also fell in love with my island.
It's a truly special place if you ever get the chance to visit. 

More resilient, better quality

Our sandals are the highest quality there is.
No shortcuts, we select the leathers carefully so they are resilient and durable for Australia - we prefer vecchio leathers over nubuck, because they as soft but way more resilient, and easily maintained as it can be cleaned with a wipe.

We only sell resilient, practical and long-lasting products.


First vegan avarcas in the world

Our offering includes leather and vegan options. We truly believe in diversity so we are the first business in the world to ever sell vegan avarcas, and still the only one in Australia.

We have a huge variety of colours and neutral options on our sandals, and we offer PayPal and AfterPay and FREE shipping over 130 AUD. Also, our return policy is incredible and our customer service gets very high ratings from our customers because we truly do our best to make everyone happy, we also prioritise customer's needs first.

Information on our sandals

Our leather sandals are handmade using cow leather throughout the whole shoe (upper and bottom, as well as ankle straps). They are made with the softest leather so you (or little ones) can use them straight away without any need to 'wear them in' - you will see no blisters or skin rubs. I've tried and tested this thoroughly on my own kids.

Our vegan sandals are also handmade using faux leather alternatives - that feel and look like leather, but with the 100% guarantee of no animal products. They come in great colours as well as neutrals.

All our sandals, and have light flexible yet very durable soles made with recycled rubber

We've put some other information together on:

Our brand: Avarca PONS

We provide sandals in collaboration with the best manufacturers in Spain (Avarca Pons).
Crafting sandals since 1945, the PONS team know how to make the best shoes and they also know that they can't compromise in quality so that's why they use the best leather, sole materials and a great finish.

Plus it's not just us saying this, they are fully certified by the island Council of Quality (Menorca) which means that:

  • The leather has to be of a minimum thickness and length, to guarantee durability and support.
  • The soles, usually made of recycled materials, have to include a minimum resistance and flexibility.
  • The heel strap and sewing of the shoes also have to meet minimum requirements for durability.

You can read more about it in the Avarca of Menorca website.

Certification Menorca Sandals

Contact us

Just say hola! Please send us an email to contact@menorcasandals.com.au