Christmas deliveries

It's that time of the year - festive, get-togethers, family and hopefully a little rest!Check all the details to ensure you get your order in time.

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The people behind the store

Running this store is Silvia (hola! that's me!) and I was born in Barcelona fourty-some years ago. I speak Catalan (who doesn't in Barcelona?) but I feel more comfortable in Spanish as my parents are from the south of Spain and our language in the house always was castillian spanish. Unfortunately, politics are a bit complicated in Spain/Catalonia these days - happy to talk about my views if you ever have the interest. I have two little munchkins - Maya is now 7 and Lola who is 4 years old. And they keep me busy. I am so happy to be...

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Our sandals - what you need to know

Our sandals are old wisdom. Seriously old, like 200 years.Called 'avarcas' or 'menorquinas' in Spain, the production of this type of shoe started in the 1800s. Initially created by and for peasants, with the main goal of sustaining the harshness of the farming days.

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