The people behind the store

Running this store is Silvia (hola! that's me!) and I was born in Barcelona thirty-too-many years ago. I speak catalan (who doesn't in Barcelona?) but I feel more comfortable in spanish as my parents are from the south of Spain and our language in the house always was castillian spanish.
I do have what-most-people think it's a south-african accent when I speak English. I'd say it's a not-too-thick Spanish accent instead.

I have two little munchkins - Maya is almost 5 and Lola who is 1 and a half. And they keep me busy. I always thought I imagined myself the mum of a little boy but that didn't happen and I am so happy to be the mum of two little girls. It just needed to be. And I am not having a third one, not even a doubt on that (never have).

We mainly speak English at home now, but I have every intention to teach the kids Spanish and understand their spanish grandparents and aunties so now and then I put my foot down and it's only spanish for the day! Not often enough though.

I work almost full-time as the head of a digital and comms team, so websites are my thing and pretty much feels like a hobby. I feel at home putting a website together, but I find the rest of running a business much harder to grasp: revenue margins, bookkeeping and even GST!

Paul is my husband and best daddy to our daughters and he brings sanity into our house - he drops the kids and picks them up, starts dinner and picks up toys every day of the week. Always calm, always smiling.
I am the one with big ideas, bold decisions, and resilient working times (always working!) - and he's the calm sea behind supporting everything I do. 
The kids love him, and we rely on him to keep going.

We live in Thornbury, and we love the 'little town' feeling around here even though we are only 8km away from the CBD. It's of course hard to run a family, full-time jobs and a small business on the side with no family in town, but we are going from week to week and so far no disasters. But yeah, no much time for candlelight dinners either, that's for sure.

We run this online store with so much love and we care so much for every one of our customers, some have become friends now.
Dont hesitate to send us an email if you have any questions, we would love to say hola!