Our sandals - what you need to know

Our sandals are old wisdom. Seriously old, like 200 years.

Called 'avarcas' or 'menorquinas' in Spain, the production of this type of shoe started in the 1800s. Initially created by and for peasants, with the main goal of sustaining the harshness of the farming days. So you get it, they are shoes that will resist and resist.

In the 1940-50s, the idea of using old tyre for the soles came up, and since then they were adopted by Menorcan people, then the rest of Spain.
A bunch of local manufacturers have been working on delivering avarcas to locals and tourists non-stop.

They have even become a popular staple for the Spanish Royal Family and it's the shoe that Spaniards wear on summer - much as the same way Australians wear 'thongs' or 'rubber havaianas'.

They are sturdy shoes - impossible to wear them out - but also light and flexible, and a great option for summer and in-between seasons. The foot can breathe due to the sandal design but it's also covered up over the toes, making it a very safe alternative for kids to wear. 

Our manufacturer, Avarca PONS, is officially certified by the island Council of Quality (Menorca) which means that:

  • The leather has to be of a minimum thickness and length, to guarantee durability and support.
  • The soles, usually made of recycled materials, have to include a minimum resistance and flexibility.
  • The heel strap and sewing of the shoes also have to meet minimum requirements for durability.

The quality is guaranteed (don't trust cheap imitations, look for the certified logo).
You can read more about it in the Avarca of Menorca website.

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