New pairs arriving soon

It's a bit hard holding in all our excitement right now.
Probably because not a lot good is happening, sure; lockdown, I've had enough.

Also because we have got a lot of new colours arriving soon - just finished new photography. I can't really wait to show all the new things we have in-store. 

Last year we had a huge amount of new customers thanks to well liked choices I had made earlier in the year - in part, it's pure luck but also following your gut. We do design sandals that are different to everyone else's; I don't follow anyone's cues, and as a result we are authenting, original and very different.

And we provide the best quality sandals with the most resilient buttery soft leather. None of that suede that stains in 30 seconds, instead we have Vecchio leathers that can be wiped clean but are soft from minute one.

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