New website launches!

It's like saying goodbye to a very good friend - our old website held us strong for those first three years of our business. It was good to us, and we have always had good feedback on the customer experience (the most important thing ever, in our book).

But it was time to add some new features and the old template was holding us down with some things we wanted to improve on so ... voila! NEW WEBSITE!!
We've been working on it since early this year, and we finally got some time to finish up some details.
The main BENEFITS for you will be:

  • A nice left-side filter to select your size and see what's available in your size.
  • A sorting feature on the left-side to select how you want to view products (lowest price first, featured, best selling, etc.)
  • Hover on each product and see additional pictures straight away.
  • Once you go into see a pair of our sandals, you can see the sizes available straight away, no need to guess with the older drop-down.
  • Customised payment options so you can use the way that suits you most. Don't worry, all the payment options that you love most are still available: AfterPay, PayPal or Credit Card (including Express options).
  • Awesome big imagery throughout the site!
  • A better mobile experience.

We are delighted with it but would love to hear what you think!
Please let us know by emailing us at

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